Regrettably, it is quite it character one ultimately will cost you your his matchmaking that have Katniss

Regrettably, it is quite it character one ultimately will cost you your his matchmaking that have Katniss

Early in Mockingjay, he works such as closely with Beetee, design artillery to possess Area 13, and later goes in because the a soldier on the floor so you can assassinate President Snow. Gale at some point moves so you can District 2, in which the guy already existence and you will continues on helping the fresh new military.

Identity and you can traits

Gale have a beneficial make fun of when he is through his greatest pal, Katniss. They can be simple to fury, and frequently it’s Katniss who enjoys they under control. He turned into angry when Madge Undersee told you she desired to lookup this lady best if she becomes reaped. He turned into frustrated because the she actually is way more rich than people for the Region several and you will has no to stand exactly what he and you can people need certainly to.

Gale hated the latest Capitol over we, even in the new bad areas. Through the their time in District several, he frequently reported regarding the unjust governmental situation from inside the Panem and the tyranny of your own Capitol, compared to Katniss, who was educated by the the lady mommy to hold the woman language. Regarding guides, Gale says once or twice that he feels you to definitely an excellent rebellion create be better than just carrying out exactly what the Capitol wanted.

In the place of Katniss, Gale experienced regarding the idea of profit no matter what. The guy clashed with her across the ways the fresh rebellion are battled. Where she wanted to save your self as much life that one can during the the risk of beat, he wanted them to give up a number of life so that they can be ensure victory. Katniss attempts to think basically-title, while Gale believes from inside the much time-name, regarding how better to manage lifetime during the Panem. It ruthlessness, along with his hatred towards Capitol grounds your in order to become the leading contour on rebellion in order to make new handle plans during Region thirteen.

Gale commonly believes in the grayscale conditions, meaning one thing was possibly incorrect or proper and you may barely do the guy discover a grey urban area. He is angered one Katniss anxieties on her creating team when they are kept attentive since they’re in the Capitol, and are also brand new ‘enemy’ even though they is apparently innocent.

Gale in addition to got a highly idealistic identity. As he believed inside something which was being confronted he wouldn’t think twice to battle because of it. It is afterwards told you of the Katniss one to Gale’s fire, their hobbies, and you can identity, is nearly the same as her own; but not, hers was constantly even more controlled. The guy commonly observed Katniss whenever she performed styles while the Mockingjay, attacking once they showed up lower than attack. The guy also is the first to voluntary with the objective to help you conserve Peeta, no matter if whether this might be to possess Katniss or themselves is not understood.


Gale is actually a professional at the snares and you can strategy. He’s identified on the snares while the very first time he went on the woods. He’s managed to catch of many pet inside the snares, that has been ideal for your and his awesome members of the family. Gale te in convenient from inside the Hunger Video game. Later, he can import his ability in the snares for the a ability from inside the creating armed forces weapons and you may projects.

Gale is also able to utilize a ribbon and you may arrow, although he could be not as perfect or quick given that Katniss. They can capture regarding a certain range and it also requires your a little extended to shoot, however, he’s proficient enough to have a look and you can defend himself. He can eliminate pets along with his skills.

For the Mockingjay, Gale spends an effective Crossbow as opposed to a normal Bow. The newest Crossbow seems extremely futuristic and is most likely designed by Beetee, such as for example Katniss’ Ribbon. Chances are high Gales’ Crossbow uses about three different kinds of arrows, because Bend off Katniss, however, just one variety of arrow is seen from inside the Mockingjay Area 1: The Volatile Arrows.

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